Welcome to Understand Scoring, Arizona Educators!

Explore the online training platform developed for the Arizona English Language Learner Assessment (AZELLA) for the Kindergarten Placement Test and the Grades 1-3 Placement Tests. This site is designed to ensure a clear, concise, and consistent way to 1) administer and score assessment items on the AZELLA Kindergarten Placement Test, and 2) score AZELLA Placement Test Grades 1-3 Writing.

The AZELLA Training tab provides you with valuable insight into the background, administration, format, setup, and scoring of the AZELLA Kindergarten Placement Test. It also provides background, rubrics, scoring information, practice, and qualification materials for the short-answer and extended-response Writing items of the AZELLA Placement Test Grade 1 and Grades 2-3.

The Kindergarten Placement Test qualification is distinct from the AZELLA Placement Test Grade 1 and Grades 2-3 Writing qualifications. It is not required nor expected that the same person or persons would need to be qualified for all three functions.

View the Understand Scoring Online User Guide for a comprehensive overview of the Understand Scoring application.